The foundation of Jayanti Group was laid by Late Shri Jayanti Prasad Jain, who saw the potential in agri-product business & introduced a brand that has found its place in every household today. Setting forth the genesis in Alwar, Rajasthan, Jayanti established itself in terms of producing high-quality, hygienic and flavorful Beverages and Snacks. Jayanti Group has set itself superior among other counterparts with its consistent customer-centric approach and delivery of lip-smacking Refreshments.

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Our Strategy

The success of Jayanti Group has a lot to do with the customer base, which has grown rapidly. Understanding the marketing strategy, it developed a plan to cater to every customer’s needs. It would be correct to state that the expansion of the group is partial without customer satisfaction. Hence, the company incorporated the Push-Pull Approach, which proved efficient in terms of understanding the demand & requirement in the market. The company has always made sure to keep customer interest in the lead and satiate their taste buds with nothing but the best quality products.

Our Belief

Jayanti has always lived up to its name in terms of traditional taste and has ensured to deliver the best quality snacks and beverages at your doorstep. Right from implementing modern ideas to refreshing the brand according to market trends, Jayanti has carved its way to become a household name. It believes in preserving the goodness of nature so you don’t have to choose between health and taste.

Our Aim

The exceptional dedication & ability to cater to each and every customer’s needs, Jayanti has stood out in the snacks & beverages market globally. To continue being a leader, it is necessary to incorporate our soul and battle every challenge that comes in the way. Speaking of which, Jayanti’s goal is to generate possibilities in untapped segments of the industry, in order to expand its reach to every age-group.

Our Dream

Jayanti has made it’s mark as a “Flavour of Happiness” and it’s products have gained popularity to become a go-to drink or snack for any celebration. It is known for more than just it’s exceptional freshness & taste. With it’s unbeatable quality products selling across India, the company’s grip in the market currently is robust. Jayanti envisions to outdo it’s counterparts, while instigating healthy competition in the market.

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Make In India

Following the footsteps of Lt. Shri Jayanti Prasad Jain, Jayanti has kept alive the traditional taste in all its products. The values imbibed by the founder, has motivated everyone at Jayanti to be a part of the country’s biggest campaign. The group has proudly associated itself with Make In India, adhering to their roots. Their range of products boasts of Indian taste and meets all the set quality standards.

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ISO Quality

With all the necessary certifications and global compliances, Jayanti has become one of the fastest growing Snacks & Beverages companies. The expansion witnessed in the past few years has been a game-changer for the industry. The company has been awarded ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 & HACCP for sustaining the global standards in bottling, packaging, distribution and quality.

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A well-organized and advanced quality examination center, eminently equipped with the modern day testing tools, and enhanced equipments, from all important chemical testing to enhanced composition scanning, from volume measurement to sizing of bottles and the discipline inspection of almost every aspect which is related with the product quality has got us Job work tie-ups with the leading Indian Juices/Drinks brand.